A fresh trailer for the “Myths” add-on for Total War Saga: Troy dedicated to griffins

The creators of Total War Saga: Troy continue to gradually talk about the most dangerous mythical monsters, which will add to the strategy with the “Myths” add-on. This time it was about griffins.

They nest in the mountains to the north, guarding untold wealth. But woe to those unprepared armies that will take a look at the treasures and will not be intimidated by his guards.

The strongest of the griffins is the Griffin leader, the majestic lord of the earth and, most importantly, of heaven. He is able to quickly maneuver to attack enemies, scattering them to the sides. And also small griffins soar in the clouds, also capable of giving a cruel rebuff to strangers.

But those who like to find the griffin’s treasures are also awaited by ground opponents – the Arimasps (spearmen, arrows and horsemen), who are waiting in ambush near their quarry. They, too, crave wealth and are ready to deal with all their rivals.

If your warriors get close to the griffin’s nest, they can be mesmerized by the glitter of gold, distracting from the Griffin leader and his imminent attack. And when he needs help, he is able to summon other griffins.

Troy will receive the mythical expansion on September 2, and the game will be released on Steam on the same day.

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