A fire broke out on one of the largest Chinese warships

On the newest Chinese universal landing ship (UDC) Type 075 there was a fire. During the fire, the ship was at the pier of the Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding company.

The first UDC Type 075 caught fire on April 11th. The photographs clearly show how large clouds of black smoke billow over him.

It is not clear what damage the ship received: judging by the photo, the fire affected the dock chamber. It cannot be ruled out that Type 075 was badly damaged by the fire.

Recall that the head UDC Type 075 was launched on September 25 last year: it became the largest landing ship of the Chinese fleet and one of the largest ships of the Celestial Empire, in general, significantly inferior in size only to aircraft carriers.

The length of the Type 075 ship, according to various estimates, is 235-250 meters. Total displacement – approximately 36 thousand tons. The aviation group, obviously, can include several dozen helicopters. Onboard there are anti-aircraft artillery and anti-aircraft missile systems.

Now, in addition to the lead ship, at least one more such UDC is being built.

Author: Flyn Braun
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