A drunken British officer wanted to unload 16 nuclear missiles

A British submarine officer in charge of nuclear weapons showed up on his submarine drunk and holding a grilled chicken, the Sun newspaper reported, citing sources.

The incident occurred when the Royal Navy submarine Vigilant was docked at the US base “Kings Bay” in Georgia.

Lieutenant commander Len Luvu and his colleagues had to unload 16 nuclear missiles during the shift. As the publication clarifies, this amount is enough to kill the entire population of the UK.

“He was not in a position to be responsible for nuclear weapons. The officer he was supposed to relieve realized that this shouldn’t happen. There was no other choice but to notify the higher command,” the publication quotes the source as saying.

By the evening of the same day, the officer was removed from service and sent from the United States, where the submarine is now located, back to Scotland, to the place where the submarine is based. The man is being investigated.

Earlier, the submarine HMS Vigilant was already involved in another scandal. Then, her previous captain lost his position after a quarter of her crew contracted the coronavirus from a stripper. According to media reports, in 2017, nine officers of the boat were suspected of drug use.

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