A doctor wrote an unusual prescription for a woman after being vaccinated against COVID-19

New York resident Evelyn Shaw was given an unusual prescription after being vaccinated against the coronavirus, which allows her to hug her granddaughter. This was reported by the publication Insider.

For a year, the woman could not fully spend time with her family because of the coronavirus. Her daughter Jessica said that all this time, when communicating, they kept a distance of two meters.

“Since March last year, no one hugged her; she did not allow it to be done,” Jessica explained.

Two weeks after Evelyn received the second dose of the coronavirus drug, she did not stop worrying about social distance and continued to observe it even with her loved ones. So the family doctor came up with a way to help her feel comfortable and prescribed an unusual “medicine.”

In it, the medic indicated: “You are allowed to hug your granddaughter.”

Evelyn’s family handed her the appointment, after which the woman burst into tears and hugged her loved ones.

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