A doctor killed patients with COVID-19 to free beds in Italy

In Italy, a doctor from Montichiari, Carlo Mosca, is suspected of killing coronavirus patients to free beds.

According to the investigation, the doctor specifically injected patients with COVID-19 with a drug that causes respiratory depression. As a result of his actions, two patients died. In one case, an autopsy revealed the presence of a drug inside the tissues and organs of a patient that could cause his death if the dosage was violated, reports Brescia Today.

La Repubblica writes that Mosca was literally at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus infection during the epidemic raging in Italy. The doctor himself said that “each shift was a struggle to save as many lives as possible.” However, the accusation of murder of at least two patients put forward by prosecutors in Brescia could turn the story of the doctor’s heroic struggle against the pandemic upside down.

The motives behind Carlo Mosca’s killing of coronavirus patients are not yet clear. The hospital nurses’ correspondence was attached to the case file, in which they suspected the doctor of killing patients to free beds in a medical institution. At the same time, they called him mad among themselves.

At the moment, Mosca is under house arrest and is awaiting trial in court.

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