A doctor got into intensive care after a Pfizer vaccination

The deputy head of a hospital in a suburb of Athens was admitted to intensive care for mechanical ventilation with lower respiratory tract infection symptoms shortly after vaccination against coronavirus. The Ministry of Health does not see a connection between vaccination and the resulting infection, Skai TV channel reported.

“The deputy chief of the Triasios Hospital (in the town of Eleusis in the suburbs of Athens) is undergoing intubation treatment at the Nikaya General Hospital. A 54-year-old man, who did not have an underlying medical condition, showed symptoms of a lower respiratory tract infection last Wednesday. He was tested for coronavirus. who gave a negative result and did not have any symptoms (shortness of breath, fever, cough), “the TV channel informs.

On New Year’s Eve, his condition worsened. On January 1, his intubation was deemed necessary as he was diagnosed with respiratory failure due to a lower respiratory tract infection, Skai said.

“Both the infection and the hospitalization of the 54-year-old man provoked a reaction from opponents of vaccination, while the Ministry of Health indicated that there is no convincing evidence of a connection with the vaccination he received last Sunday as part of the launch of Operation Freedom to vaccinate the population against coronavirus. Clarify that the deputy’s head was vaccinated and the prescribed procedures investigated his history of allergies. There is no correlation between vaccination and the resulting infection, “ the report says.

In Greece, on January 27, a campaign to vaccinate the population began, which was called “Operation Freedom”. The vaccine used for vaccinations is the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine – the only one approved by the EU authorities. The first to receive vaccinations are health workers and the elderly in nursing homes. In the early days, there was one case of an allergic reaction to the vaccine.

Author: Sam Smith
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