A court in Portland has banned police from using force against journalists

The court banned Federal law enforcement officers from using force against journalists covering the riots in the US city of Portland. Free News reported regarding the decision of district judge Michael Simon.

“Federal defendants, their agents, and employees, and all persons acting under their direction, are prohibited from arresting, threatening to arrest, or using physical force against any citizen who is known or reasonably suspected to be a journalist or observer,” the court said in its verdict.

It is noted that the allegations that agents of the state to protect property from protesters do not make use of force against journalists as legitimate.

Earlier, Russian journalists were attacked by American police in Portland. The incident occurred on July 22. Journalists of channel One filmed a report on the riots, the participants of which besieged the local court. The building houses Federal law enforcement forces that were brought into the city, despite the displeasure of local authorities. Both journalists who were attacked were wearing badges with the words “Press.”

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