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A court in Pennsylvania rejected Trump’s lawsuit without the right to re-file

The district court in Pennsylvania rejected the claim of the campaign headquarters of US President Donald Trump, who demanded not to take into account the ballots of voters who voted by mail in the election and denied the possibility of re-filing the claim, according to the court’s statement.

Formerly the headquarters Trump has announced that it has filed a Pennsylvania lawsuit against the Secretary of State Cathy Boockvar. Boockvar filed a lawsuit in response to the President’s staff’s actions and repeated her request to dismiss Trump’s lawsuit. The deadline for Pennsylvania authorities to certify election results is November 23.

The court’s decision notes that the current President’s staff presented “baseless legal arguments and speculative accusations” that were not supported by evidence.

“In the US, this cannot justify disenfranchising one voter, let alone all voters in the sixth most populous state.<…> Thus, I grant the defendants ‘request and reject the plaintiff’s claim without the right to re-file the claim,” the document says.

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    This is a Trump campaign propaganda publication. Trump lost the election. Biden will be President. Trump will be indicted.