A court in Pennsylvania granted Trump’s claim about counting ballots

An appeals court in Pennsylvania has granted a lawsuit by the staff of Donald Trump about the illegality of counting votes sent by mail, the Philadelphia Inquirer wrote.

The dispute was about the ballots of voters who did not prove their identity. Under Pennsylvania law, those who voted could confirm their authenticity within six days of the election, that is, until November 9. However, state Secretary Kathy Boockvar extended the deadline until November 12.

“The court rules that defendant Kathy Boockvar, in her position as state Secretary, did not have the authority to send instructions to district election commissions to change the deadline <…> for identifying certain voters,” Republican judge Mary Hannah Leavitt ruled, an order published by Fox.

The newspaper calls Trump’s judicial victory insignificant, pointing out that it is a small number of rejected ballots. According to the publication, these votes were not included in the official count, according to which Joe Biden is ahead of Trump by 54 thousand votes.

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