A couple of tourists were rescued from snow captivity in the Alamo Mountains. They lived in their truck for 2 weeks

Los Angeles rescuers found tourists in the Alamo Mountains, for whom the usual hike turned into a 2-week endurance test. A couple together with their dogs stuck on a snowy mountain road North of Los Angeles. A man and a woman aged about 30 years did not need hospitalization. According to Deputy Sheriff Charles Miranda, who was involved in the rescue of tourists, they were tired, hungry and definitely happy to see him.

The names of the couple from southern California were not disclosed. They decided for fun to get to the peak area of mount Alamo height of 2255 m. the Area is located near interstate 5, but these places are harsh and remote. Basically, you can get there only on dirt roads that are not cleared in winter.
The couple got into snow trap because in the mountains for 4 days the storm raged on. As the news sometimes exaggerates the impending storm, this time tourists underestimated the forces of nature.

All 2 weeks they lived in their Dodge Dakota pickup truck and periodically turned on the engine to keep warm. The couple faced problems only when they ran out of food and no more fuel to melt drinking water.

Tourists climbed 4 km to catch a mobile signal and call rescuers, and then returned to the pickup to pick up their dogs.

The crew of the helicopter had the coordinates of the place where the call came from, but it took some time to find the truck on the weak tracks in the snow. It was parked on the road, covered with snow and crushed by a large fallen pine. When the helicopter spotted the couple, they literally jumped for joy.

California tourist, despite their long 2-week hike, is still very lucky. In 2006, a family of four from San Francisco ended up on a snowy road in southern Oregon, trying to walk from highway 5 to the coast. The mother and two daughters were rescued nine days later, but the father, James Kim, past more than 26 miles in the cold and the snow for help, was found dead in the creek.

Roads to mount Alamo and the campsite in the area are currently closed.

Author: Flyn Braun
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