A coronavirus outbreak in China could begin as early as September 2019

An outbreak of coronavirus in China could begin as early as September 2019 in the south of the country. This is stated in a study by scientists from the University of Cambridge, writes SCMP.

Researchers investigating the origin of Sars-CoV-2 analyzed a large number of strains of this virus and calculated that the initial outbreak of COVID-19 occurred between September 13 and December 7, 2019.

Moreover, the outbreak could not have occurred in Wuhan, where the epidemic officially began, but in southern China. The virus mutated into its final form before the pandemic began a few months before its registration, while all this time it could be in the body of either a bat or a person without being transmitted to other individuals.

In their study, scientists used a phylogenetic network – a mathematical algorithm that can map the global movement of organisms through mutations of their genes. At the same time, scientists are still looking for the so-called zero patient – the first known patient with COVID-19, but so far this has not been possible. There are several versions of who could become this null patient, however, it is still impossible to accurately name this person.

Author: Flyn Braun
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