A child with antibodies to coronavirus was born in Singapore

A Singaporean woman who had a coronavirus infection during pregnancy gave birth to a boy who was found to have antibodies to COVID-19, according to the local newspaper Straits Times.

Celine Ng-Chen, 31, was diagnosed with coronavirus in March when she was ten weeks pregnant. According to the newspaper, the woman contracted the virus when she returned from a trip to Europe. Her illness was mild, and after two and a half weeks, she was discharged from the hospital. In November, Ng-Chen gave birth to a boy named Aldrin. Doctors did not find a coronavirus in him.

“It’s very interesting. His paediatrician said that my antibodies to COVID-19 have disappeared, but Aldrin has them. My doctor suggests that I passed my antibodies to him during pregnancy,” the woman said.

As the newspaper notes, this may not be the first such case in Singapore. So, in April, a child was born to a resident of the country Natasha Ling, who contracted coronavirus in the 36th week of pregnancy. It was he who could become the first child born in Singapore with antibodies, the newspaper writes.

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