A bracelet is designed that shocks if the user touches his face

Pavlok has presented an update to its bracelet. The device can now shock the user with a small shock every time he touches his face. The bracelet creators are confident that this can wean customers from bad habits that they make automatically.

Pavlok has unveiled a Bluetooth bracelet that includes accelerometers, connected apps and a “snap circuit”. The latter function can hit the user with 450 volts of current if they “do something bad.” The device costs $150 and is available on Amazon. The company says they already have over 100,000 customers using the device to change their eating habits, quit smoking, and stop touching their face.

The researchers note that this is a simple concept – combining negative behavior, such as smoking, with a negative stimulus, such as electric shock. After several days of wearing the bracelet, the patient’s brain begins to associate two actions. Soon, even the thought of a cigarette will trigger memories of painful sensations and the user will quit smoking.

Previously, technology could not identify small actions, but now customers can choose their bad habit from a list of more than a hundred actions.

Thanks to the Chrome extension, the bracelet can also work in conjunction with a laptop. For example, a bracelet can react when a user spends too much time on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. The device can also be configured to respond to pending tasks from a user’s to-do list.

Pavlok separately notes that their bracelet can overcome habits that have become negative during the coronavirus pandemic. “Even if you know that some action can harm you, then you can do it on autopilot. The task of our bracelet is to protect users from touching their face, ”the company notes.

Author: John Kessler
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