3,200 of Dr. Fauci’s emails released to the public

Below is a link to Fauci’s 3,200 emails, from the beginning of 2020. Some of them are edited. There are a lot of interesting things in them, so Fauci is passionate about some kind of government neurotropic designed to improve cognitive abilities and memory.

One of the first letters in early March screams that the emerging COVID hysteria is harming the health care system:

“Dear Dr. Fauci, I am a graduate of the NIH Department of Transfusiology. I’m sorry to worry, but I didn’t want to tell the Coronavirus Task Force about the potential shortage of blood.

The centers cancel the admission of patients with stroke due to fear in the community. We are starting to see this locally, and I am concerned that other blood centers in the country are facing the same problem. I tried to contact the vice president’s office, and all I could do was send an email that could get lost among the thousands.

I hope that you will see this and perhaps serve it on the table. Blood centers use updated federal information when training donors, staff, and hospitals, but current concerns are about a lack of blood. This can be tested at a national level and will affect the national blood inventory.


Maria De Lo”

Fauci ignored these warnings. Then he was sent other letters praising him:

“Dear Dr. Fauci,

First of all, let me say that we are very grateful to everyone at the NIH for their work in containing the coronavirus. Especially your team at NIAID. Your interviews are clear and informative – they give Americans some comfort and some concrete ways to think about how to protect themselves and what to expect. This time must be stressful, and we want you to know that we are confident that our NIH and CDC will contain it, as well as help prevent it on a global scale.


On a more joyful note, I wanted to reach out and THANK YOU for everything you do for our Down syndrome. Research under the transformative trans-NIH INCLUDE program. This is a HUGE difference!! To this end, I am writing today in the hope that you will be able to join us on Wednesday, May 20, at our AcceptAbili ty Gala at my main table. Attached is our save with the date of the event. We are pleased to have Caroline Cardenas as our 2020 Ambassador, Representative Pete Stauber as our keynote speaker (b) (6)

Exceptional awards for human rights work. We are sure that the celebration will be very nice and meaningful for many. We understand that attendance cannot be considered if the coronavirus situation worsens. However,

If things get much better (touch the tree), we would be honored if you and our friends from NIAID could attend. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

All the best, Michelle and the family.”

A letter with some components of HIV also attracts interest. This letter was sent to him by a certain Dr. Len (Leonard) Trudell, there is no information about him.


According to science, there is a mutation in the spike protein that is almost similar to inserting HIV into the entire coronavirus, which allows it to attach to the ace2 receptors. Also, to make matters worse, the tip of the spike protein is almost a prion. In fact, it is a prion HIV that infects a ton of people, a virus that cannot be developed in nature.

One of the letters asks to censor critics of sanitary measures (Fauci’s response is obscured).


Apparently, Fauci in the response agreed to facilitate the blocking of Zerohedge – he was indeed blocked on Twitter the day after this email was sent.

All the emails are here.


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