A biopic about a pop queen? Madonna will write the screenplay with the author of the Oscar-winning “Juno”

At the moment, pop singer Madonna is officially unemployed. After the expiration of her 10-year contract with Interscope Records, the singer did not renew it. It is not yet known how Madonna’s career will develop further. Will she join Interscope again after a hiatus, or will she return to Warner Music, which launched her musical career in 1982? Or will he switch to another field of activity?

On her Instagram, the singer posted a one-minute video in which she, together with screenwriter Diablo Cody, is working on the script for an unnamed film. The collaboration looks like this: Madonna is drying herself with a towel – Cody is typing on a laptop, Madonna is dancing – Cody is typing on a laptop, Madonna is talking about outfits – Cody is typing on a laptop, Madonna is eating chips – Cody is typing on a laptop, Madonna is sticking chips in her nose – Cody, without distraction, continues to type.

Madonna has previously tried to prove herself in the cinema. She became a screenwriter and director of two films: “Dirt and Wisdom” in 2008 and “WE. We believe in love ”2011. Diablo Cody won an Oscar for the 2007 film Juno. She is also the author of the screenplays for Jennifer’s Body (2009), Poor Rich Girl (2011), Ricky and the Flash (2015), Tully (2018).

The singer’s fans suspect that the new film may be her own biopic.