A barge capable of completing the “Nord stream-2” project has left the German port

The pipe-laying anchor barge Fortuna, which can be used for the completion of the “Nord stream-2” gas pipeline, has left the German port of Mukran, as can be seen on the portal for tracking ships Marine Traffic and Myshiptracking.

On Tuesday evening, the ship left Mukran, the logistics base of “Nord stream-2,” where pipes for the construction of the gas pipeline are stored and headed South-East.

Permission from Denmark

The day before, Denmark issued the operator of the Nord Stream 2 AG project an updated permit for the construction of “Nord stream-2” in its waters. Now the company can use not only vessels with dynamic positioning but also with the anchor since the pipeline route to be completed passes beyond the risk of contact with chemical weapons buried at the bottom of the Baltic sea. You can return to work on laying pipes no earlier than August 3, when the appeal period for this decision ends.

One of the vessels that can complete the construction of the “Nord stream-2” gas pipeline is the anchored barge Fortuna of the MRTS Company. The second candidate is a pipe-laying company, “Akademik Chersky” with a dynamic positioning system, which is also located in Mukran.