64.5 thousand people have become ill with coronavirus in the world

Almost 5 thousand new cases of infection were detected in Hubei province during the day. More than 100 people died from the coronavirus. The Regional Health Commission reports this.

In Hubei province, 4 thousand 823 new cases of infection were detected per day, including 3 thousand 910 in Wuhan. During this time, 116 people were killed by COVID-19, 88 of them in Wuhan.
According to data provided by the national health Commission of China, the total number of deaths in the country was 1,380 people.

In total, 63 thousand 851 people were infected, including 10 thousand 204 people in serious condition. 177 thousand people are under the supervision of doctors with suspected coronavirus. Recovered- 6 thousand 723 people.

The total number of cases worldwide is 64 thousand 434 people.

«Worst scenario»

The WHO does not exclude that if the epidemic is not stopped, 2/3 of the World’s population may become infected. WHO adviser, virologist Ira Longini, who tracks the spread of the virus in China, stated this. The expert is based on data, according to which each person infected with the virus transmits the infection to two or three other people.

The quarantine can slow the spread of the disease. However, Longini notes that the coronavirus could have spread not only in China but also outside the country before the Chinese authorities introduced the necessary measures. According to him, it is difficult to track the spread of the coronavirus because there are no tests that would quickly detect the disease, and some of the infected people have it relatively easy.

Other experts share this view. According to a researcher from Imperial College London, Niall Ferguson, in China, the number of new infected can reach up to 50 thousand daily.

“This is kind of the worst-case scenario. This is one of the possibilities,” said Alessandro Vespignani, an expert at Northeastern University in Boston. In his opinion, it will be possible to understand how quickly the disease is spreading outside of China within the next few weeks, especially if additional measures are taken to combat the infection.

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