55-year-old Elizabeth Hurley has revealed one of the secrets of a beautiful shape

Elizabeth Hurley, 55, talked about how she keeps fit and noted that the most important thing for her is to “stay active”, even if she does her usual household chores. In an interview with Us Weekly, Hurley talked about her daily routine and what she does to look good.

I think this is an integral part of taking care of yourself and your health because you want to stay in shape and do not want to age due to lack of movement. I see many people with difficulty getting up and walking with difficulty. And I always think at such moments: you can do stretching for at least five minutes a day every day, stand a little in the bar and, possibly, do some exercises for arms and squats,

– shared Elizabeth.

Hurley knows what she’s talking about: she still drives fans crazy with pictures in a bikini, looks 20 years younger than her age, and often looks like a sister next to her son. She considers the maximum amount of activity to be her main rule.

I wash the dishes and do all the housework. I don’t often do specific exercises, I’m just very active,

– said the actress.