55 new chemicals found in the human body

Scientists from the University of California at San Francisco have found 109 chemicals in pregnant women, of which 55 have not previously been found in humans, and 42 have an unknown function.

The chemicals found are likely to come from consumer products or other industrial sources. They have been found both in the blood of pregnant women and in their newborn babies. They probably cross the mother’s placenta.

The research team used high resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS) to identify man-made chemicals in humans.

This discovery is alarming: certain chemicals are passed from pregnant women to their babies, which means they could be with us for generations.

Tracy J. Woodruff, Ph.D., Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences at UCSF
The 109 chemicals researchers found in blood samples from pregnant women and their newborns are found in many different types of foods.

For example, 40 are used as plasticizers, 28 in cosmetics, 25 in consumer products, 29 in pharmaceuticals, 23 as pesticides, 3 as flame retardants, and 7 as PFAS compounds that are used in carpets, upholstery. furniture and other areas of application.

There may be other uses for all of these chemicals, the researchers say.

They report that 55 of the 109 chemicals they tentatively identified have not previously been registered in humans.

One substance is used as a pesticide, two are probably used in the production of non-stick cookware and waterproof fabrics, 10 are used as plasticizers (for example, GA 80 sumizer is used in food packaging, paper plates, small household appliances), two in cosmetics, four Are high production volume chemicals (HPV).

Another 37 have virtually no information about their sources or applications.

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