5 Legit Ways to Increase Instagram Followers and Engagement

As a business, the best way to market your brand is by going online, in this case, social media. Instagram has been home for most brands, and you can as well open a business account to interact with potential clients and prospects.

One problem that small brands face is that they seem not to have the required likes to or engagement to create the trust needed with clients. And that can hurt the business image. If you want to solve this problem to get more free Instagram followers and likes, here are some of the legit ways to solve this problem at an instance.

Buy Instagram followers

If you are not patient, you can buy followers from reputable service providers. Different Instagram followers app firms offer these services to businesses, influencers, and account owners who want to increase engagement and viewership on their accounts.

LeoBoost is a legit platform that will offer you Instagram followers at an affordable price. The followers you’ll get are real people. They also have a proven record, and many people benefit from their services.

Use Hashtags

While sites like Google use keywords, social media uses hashtags. You probably see influencers use them on their posts. The real reason is to promote and market their brands. If you can look for hashtags that relate to your brand, then it will be easy to spot you, especially when people click on the hashtags.

Since the trick here is to know the right hashtags to use, it’s up to you to research. You can use hashtag tools to make your work easier.

Post good content

For brands, this can be one hell of a task. Most brands don’t have an idea of what to post. But with the help of a reputable social media professional, you can hack this. The secret here is to know what content could help you convert or give your brand some exposure.

With Instagram, since it has to do with photos, use professional photos. You can hire someone to do the job for you or you can buy a camera and do the work yourself. Also, post regularly to keep your followers hooked to your page and updated.

Use an Instagram business account

There’s a massive difference between using a personal account and a business account. Business accounts have extra features that help market your brand. Use this to your advantage since most of these features are free to use.

If you want to change your personal account into business, then it’s easy. You can click on three strips on your profile to do so instantly. And make sure that your bio is complete as it can play a significant role in helping followers know more about you.

Interact with your audience

Other than just posting good content, you have to communicate with your audience. People follow you because they would like to talk to you directly.

When people comment, be sure to interact with them. Know their pains, like their comments, and professionally relate with them. Also, if there are inquiries, try to respond to them as soon as possible. Your followers will appreciate that.


Your business relies so much on how you handle the Instagram account. Ensure, therefore, that you use the points that we highlight in this article. You’ll start seeing results within no time, especially if you are consistent with it.


Author: Julia Harris
Graduated from Stanford University. Previously, he worked in various free news media. Currently, it is a columnist of the economy section in the Free News editors.
Function: Reporter
E-mail: supecoxx3@gmail.com