4A Games will release a special version of Metro Exodus for arachnophobes

If you haven’t played Metro Exodus due to the scary mutated subway spiders, you will soon be able to appreciate the 4A Games project at its true worth.

The developers decided to release Metro Exodus – Arachnophobe Edition with friendlier spiders. This is essentially the same game, but now the spiders wear little festive triangular hats on their heads.

“We’re thrilled to announce a new addition to our Metro lineup – Metro Exodus Arachnophobe Edition. We do not seek to capture the dreams of our fans because we do not make horror games. So we made a special edition in which all our arachnid friends were given little holiday hats to make them more … friendly, ”reads the description.
The developers promised to tell more details later, but given the time of the announcement, this is most likely a funny April Fool’s joke.

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Author: John Kessler
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