49% of Americans approve of President Trump’s actions

The level of support for the President’s actions has reached a record high over the past three years.

The rating of public support for President Donald Trump has reached a historical record. This is the conclusion of sociologists from the Gallup Agency, who published the results of another public opinion poll.

According to the results of the poll, which was conducted on the eve of the end of the proceedings in the Senate on the impeachment of the President, the rating of support for trump reached a record high of 49%. Since the election of Donald Trump as President, his support rating has consistently held between 40 and 45%. In the last three months, the President’s rating averaged 43%.

The question of whether Trump is worthy of re-election for a second term divided American society into exactly two halves.

Trump’s rating has grown thanks to Republicans and independent voters. To date, 94% of GOP members approve of the President’s actions – a 6% increase over the results of the previous Gallup poll. The President’s popularity among independent voters also increased by 3 percentage points to 42%.

Among Democrats, the opposite is true – the President’s rating among this category of voters fell by 3 percentage points to 7%.

The Gallup poll was conducted from January 16 to 29, during the Senate’s impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump. It is expected that the senators will acquit the President and will not allow his removal from power.

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