“47 Ronin” will receive a sequel with elements of cyberpunk and horror

The 2013 fantasy thriller 47 Ronin, starring Keanu Reeves, directed by Carl Eric Rinsch, will see a sequel despite flopping at the box office, grossing $150 million on a $175 million budget. The new film will be directed by Universal Pictures, which also shot the first film. The director will be Ron Yuan, who starred as an actor in Mulan, which is expected to premiere in a month. Yuan says about the upcoming project:

I’m incredibly excited to be working with Universal on this film that mixes action, action, horror, and cyberpunk. It will be an enjoyable, stressful, and exciting experience for audiences all over the world.

The original film, based on the Japanese folk story of the same name, recounted the revenge of 47 ronin for the death of their master. Although they knew that the death penalty awaited them for revenge, the honor and laws of bushido forced them to do as they did. The only thing known about the plot of the new film is that the events in it will unfold 300 years after the first film. And since the events of that film took place at the beginning of the eighteenth century, then we can say that the sequel will tell about what is happening today.

It has not yet been announced whether Keanu Reeves will star in the new film. Deadline was the first to announce the news that the film will be streaming Netflix. Now this information has been removed from the news.

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