461 trans-Neptunian objects discovered

Scientists have discovered 461 new trans-Neptunian objects: they are located in an almost unexplored region of the solar system.

The authors of the new work used data from the Dark Energy Survey: it was conducted in 2013-2019 to study how the universe is expanding. During operation, the instruments in the infrared range recorded radiation from distant galaxies and supernovae.

Also, the accuracy of the equipment makes it possible to use it for the search for trans-Neptunian objects (TNO). Earlier, in 2020, astronomers found 139 previously unknown TNOs using the Dark Energy Survey. And in the new catalog, the authors of the work counted 817 TNOs, of which 461 objects were not previously recorded by astronomers.

TNOs are ice bodies whose trajectories have hardly changed since the formation of the solar system. They are usually very distant from the Earth, so it is not easy to find such bodies. To date, scientists have found about three thousand TNOs.

Such a large number of TNOs will help astronomers understand the past of the solar system and understand why the orbits of some TNOs are unusually distorted: this may be due to the mysterious Ninth Planet. You can read more about how scientists search for the Ninth Planet by following the link.

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