4 Zodiac signs that don’t cheat

Taurus man is a real treasure for any girl. He is monogamous and remains true to his choice until the end. Taurus prefers to spend a weekend evening at home with his family, rather than gathering a noisy company somewhere in a bar. Most likely, the friends of the Taurus man consider him henpecked, but what does it matter if his wife sleeps peacefully?

Libra is guided by slightly different things – he is simply afraid of being caught in the act. And rest assured – this fear decides a lot. Even if Libra has a chance to have an affair – while they weigh all the pros and cons, the moment will be lost. Conscientiousness, after all, is a very good trait!

Having read books and seen enough films – now he believes in love “to the grave.” This is definitely about the Capricorn man. He has an idea of a relationship in his head that he aspires to, and an affair on the side is certainly not something that will destroy this ideal. He respects his chosen one too much to do this to her.

By itself, Aquarius does not seek a relationship, at least at a young age. He has fun and does not pay attention to the opinion of others about his behavior. But at a more mature age, things are different: if an Aquarius man has entered into a relationship, then loyalty is his middle name. He just walked up in his time, and now he wants a quiet family life.

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