Democrats introduced a package of financial assistance of 2.2 trillion dollars

Lawmakers hope to approve it before the presidential election in November.

Democrats of the lower house of the US Congress presented a reduced package of assistance to combat the effects of the coronavirus in the amount of 2.2 trillion dollars. This is the latest attempt to pressure the White House to return to the Negotiating table and strike a bipartisan deal before the upcoming election.

In a distributed letter, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi noted that the bill “provides necessary resources to protect the lives, livelihoods, and lives of our democracy in the coming months. It includes new funding needed to prevent the disaster of schools, small businesses, restaurants, performance venues, and airline employees.”

The financial assistance includes, among other things, $ 436 billion to state and local governments, additional payments of $ 1,200 to most Americans, and money for unemployment benefits of $ 600 through January. Also, $ 75 billion is allocated for COVID-19 testing, contact tracking of patients, and other medical services.

Heroes Act 2.0 also includes $ 25 billion to prevent thousands of airline employees from being laid off.

It is unknown whether a vote for the proposed bill is planned in the House of Representatives this week.