2020 Elections Live: Both Trump and Biden are confident of victory

The winner of the US presidential elections in 2020 will be determined later than last time: both candidates, after the closing of the last polling stations in Alaska, still retain their chances, and both have already managed to declare their confidence in their victory.

In 2016, at this time, the outcome of the vote was already clear, and the losing candidate from the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, had already called the winner – Donald Trump – with congratulations.

The Democratic candidate Joseph Biden, according to the American media, holds the lead: the close to Republican television channel Fox News gives him 238 of the 270 required electoral votes, while incumbent President Donald Trump – only 213.

However, the outcome of elections in such states as Alaska (3 votes), Wisconsin (10), Georgia, and Michigan (16 each), Pennsylvania (20), North Carolina (15) has not yet been determined. The fate of another vote has not been decided in Maine.

Trump pledges confidence on election day in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, Trump leads by a small margin of roughly two-thirds of the votes. If he holds his position, he will also retain the post of US President.

Both candidates announced they are winning in these contested states, as well as Georgia, which has a tradition of Republican sympathy.

Both Biden and Trump have expressed confidence in their victory. The Democratic candidate, speaking in Wilmington, Delaware, urged supporters to be patient and wait for the final count.