15-year-old daughter Jolie and Pitt impressed with a rounded figure at a dinner party

A photo of Jolie with her daughters appeared on Instagram. They were photographed on their way to dinner. Jolie traditionally wore a black dress. Her youngest daughter Vivienne put on jeans and a sweater. A sensation among fans made the appearance of 15-year-old Zakhara, who was dressed in jeans and a black top that hugged her rounded figure. The girl’s hair was tied in pigtails. The whole family was wearing medical masks.

“Angelina Jolie with her daughters Zahra and Vivienne. They went to dinner on the occasion of National Daughters Day, ”the authors of the account signed the photo.

The fact that Jolie and the girls did not have the eldest biological daughter Angelina and Brad Shiloh may indicate that the girl still considers herself a boy and does not intend to interrupt her transformation. Although recently in the Western press there are rumors that Shiloh began to appear in public in women’s outfits.

Earlier we wrote that Angelina Jolie seduced in a black tight-fitting T-shirt, under which she did not wear a bra. The actress opted for long black pants that completed the look. Note that recently, Jolie often appears in public alone and accompanied by children.

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