143 people died during the day from the coronavirus

According to the latest data, the number of deaths from coronavirus in China was 1523, 143 deaths were recorded per day, the state health Committee of China reported on February 15.

66,492 confirmed cases of coronavirus were identified, of which 11,053 were severe, 8096 people were discharged from hospitals, and 1,523 patients died.

513 183 people had close contact with sick people, 039 169 people are under medical supervision.

Yesterday, the first case of the disease was recorded in Egypt. The authorities claim that the patient is a foreigner. The number of cases in other countries has also increased: most of all in Singapore-67, in Japan, 29 cases of infection and one death were recorded, in addition, the virus was confirmed in 218 people from the Diamond Princess cruise ship, which has been quarantined in a Japanese port since February 3.

The coronavirus was shown “live” for the first time. The images were obtained using a specialized electron microscope. Scientists noted that the virus does not look much different from the one that caused the outbreak of severe respiratory syndrome in China in 2002.

The Chinese capital has introduced a mandatory two-week quarantine for all who enter the city from other regions of the country.

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