117 plants are threatened with extinction due to melting glaciers

When glaciers melt, plant biodiversity is threatened. In a new study, scientists studied plant species that could be affected by global warming.

Apart from the ski slopes, some of the most iconic symbols of the Alps are the Alpine flowers. These plants are used in medicines and form the backbone of local food webs. But a recent study from Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution suggests that while plant diversity may initially increase with glacier retreat, many of these species may soon be threatened with extinction.

A new study has shown that plant diversity will eventually diminish as glaciers disappear. About 22% of the species analyzed by scientists may disappear after the glaciers melt. Lead author Gianalberto Losapio of Stanford University in the US stated that “not all species are equal before global warming.””

“Some types of climate change benefit, while others will suffer,” the scientist explains.

As the glaciers recede, new land is available for plant growth. The problem is that it changes the habitability and diversity of ecosystems. A total of 117 plant species will be affected, according to the study.

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