100 intact sarcophagi with mummies are discovered in Egypt

Egyptian archaeologists have discovered 100 wooden sarcophagi, about 40 gilded statues, 4 gilded funerary masks, amulets, ushabti figurines, and other important finds dating back 2,500 years.

The find was made in the ancient necropolis of the capital of the Ancient Kingdom – Memphis, located in the village of Sakkara, 30 km south of Cairo, the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities said.

All sarcophagi were found in three tombs at a depth of about 12 meters. Some of them have preserved mummies. According to scientists, the burials belonged to the highest government officials of the Late Period and the Ptolemaic dynasty.

“Sakkara has not yet revealed all of her secrets. This is a real treasure, ” said Minister of Tourism Khaled el-Anani, presenting the finds on Saturday 14 October.

“The excavations are still ongoing. When we free one grave mine from the sarcophagi, we find the entrance to the next one, ” he added.

In early October, 59 intact sarcophagi from the same period were found in Saqqara.

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