10-year-old girl repeated dangerous challenge on TikTok and died

In Italy, a 10-year-old girl took part in a dangerous challenge on the TikTok app and died. In this regard, the country’s authorities have blocked all users of the social network, whose age cannot be documented. Reported by Reuters.

In Palermo, Sicily, a child died of asphyxiation while performing an endurance challenge called a blackout. Within its framework, participants were asked to put on a belt around their necks and hold their breath while recording a video. The girl was found in the bathroom by her five-year-old sister, next to her was a telephone. As a result, the young user of the social network died in the hospital.

Unverified user accounts will be disabled until at least February 15th, the Italian data protection authority said.

TikTok stated that the company was unable to find any content that would entice the girl to participate in this challenge. Nevertheless, the social network expressed its readiness to help the authorities in the investigation of possible incitement to suicide. “The safety of the TikTok community is our absolute priority and therefore we do not allow any content that encourages or promotes dangerous behaviour,” a TikTok spokesperson said.

In 2019, an Indian was killed while filming a video for the TikTok app. A 20-year-old boy tried to somersault and fell on his neck, injuring his spine. Doctors fought for his life for eight days, but the young man died. It is noted that he did not have a smartphone, and his friends recorded videos for TikTok. The guy dreamed of becoming famous and getting into a dance show.

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